Dr. Harvey Levy

Harvey Levy, DMD, MAGD

Harvey Levy, DMD, MAGD is in private general dental and hospital practice in Frederick, Maryland, where he offers full-service care emphasizing dental treatment for individuals with anxiety or special needs.  He graduated Tufts Dental in 1974, completed a 2-year GPR in Rochester, NY, then taught full time at U Penn GPR. He is the department head at Frederick Memorial Hospital where he provides comprehensive dental care in the OR.  Dr. Levy has treated over 1,500 patients under general anesthesia in the OR and administered oral sedation during 35,000 patient visits to his office.  He is ACLS certified, holds a Class I sedation permit, and has been a BCLS instructor-trainer for the American Heart Association.

Dr. Levy has earned a Mastership and four Lifelong Learning Service Recognitions by the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) along with eight fellowships, four diplomate certificates, and board certification in Integrative Medicine.  His work with anxious and special-needs patients has earned him the AGD Humanitarian Award, the ADA Access to Care Award, the Maryland Governor’s Doctor of the Year Award, Maryland’s first Humanitarian Award, and was a 2002 Olympic Torch runner.

Dr. Levy also holds nine black belts and was induced into the US Martial Arts Hall of Fame.