Dr. James Boyd

James P. Boyd, DDS

Having suffered with daily headaches and frequent migraines for 12 years, Dr. Boyd began experimenting with the basic diagnostic principles of occlusal therapy and expanding them into therapeutic protocols.  His conclusion was that the primary cause of his condition (and the majority of his TMD patients) was not due to his occlusion, but to his occluding, namely the frequency, duration, and most importantly, intensity.

Eventually, Dr. Boyd developed the NTI (Nocioceptive Trigeminal Inhibition) Therapeutic Protocol.  In 2001, after extensive clinical trials, the FDA cleared the NTI for “the prevention of medically diagnosed migraine pain”.

Dr. Boyd has since dedicated his career to enhancing the relationship between Neurology and Dentistry, via the third division of the trigeminal nerve.  He is currently associated with The Headache Center, a neurology specialty clinic in San Diego, practicing with neurologist Andrew Blumenfeld, MD, where they have published and presented at several international scientific meetings.