Rose Nierman

Rose Nierman

Rose Nierman is the founder and CEO of Nierman Practice Management, a company dedicated to providing medical billing, sleep medicine, and TMD solutions for dental practices.

In the mid-80’s Rose Nierman was working as a hygienist and office manager at a dental practice that focused on treating TMJ and sleep related airway disorders. To increase patient coverage, Rose set out to learn everything about the nuances of medical billing, including how to obtain approvals and reimbursements for her practice. Soon, using her methods, the office’s revenue skyrocketed as they received payment for TMJ, sleep apnea oral appliance therapy, and oral surgeries. That was the beginning of the cross-coding movement that Rose Nierman has helmed for over 30 years.

In 1988, she created the first copy of “Successful Medical Insurance in Dentistry,” and founded Nierman Practice Management to begin assisting dental practices nationwide with medical billing. Her automated medical-model system for dentists now serves as the gold-standard for all levels of dental practices to streamline dental sleep medicine, TMD & medical billing success.

Since Rose Nierman founded Nierman Practice Management, her company has his many incredible milestones such as:

  • Launched DentalWriter™, the first software on the market to handle cross-coding and narrative report creation for dental practices.
  • Released DentalWriter™ Custom, which allows practices to modify their workflow and forms.
  • Nierman CE Seminars are held throughout the country -medical billing in dentistry courses led by Rose Nierman, and clinical courses in DSM and TMD co-hosted with leading practitioners.
  • Nierman Medical Billing Service is launched, providing medical billing and claims support for dental practices in the U.S.
  • Creation, Design, and Launch of a new online learning platform, Nierman CE+, which provides self-paced courses in Medical Billing in Dentistry, Dental Sleep Medicine, and TMD.

Today, Rose Nierman continues to the leading educator in the cross-coding movement. Her live and online courses in cross-coding have helped thousands of dental practices, across the country, implement medical billing

Her company, Nierman Practice Management is the industry leader in education, software, and medical billing solutions for dentists involved in dental sleep medicine, TMD, implants, and oral wellness.